❝ There was once, for the whole day, all Jongup did was talk to us about Chris Brown to all the members. ❞

Chris Brown & MAMA A stage where he wishes to stand on one day. Seeing senior CL from 2NE1 on stage with Black Eyed Peas in a joint stage during last year’s 2011 MAMA, he imagined a collaboration stage with his role model Chris Brown.

I only listen to Chris Brown.

The moment that changed your life. The moment I met an artist called Chris Brown.

If I grow taller, wouldn’t it look cool by me just standing even? I like Chris Brown and he’s a tall person so he couldn’t look any cooler.

What do you like besides dancing? I like songs and Chris Brown.

I received the most music motto from Chris Brown, who everyone likes nowadays. He’s also the artist I like the most.

When did you start to like dancing and who were you influenced by? I started bboying through a hyung in our school club who did bboying and when I became a trainee, I found out about Chris Brown and since then, I started really liking dancing.

I really like an American artist by the name of Chris Brown and he made me want to become a singer. Before finding out who he was, I was uncertain about being a singer for an occupation but seeing him solidified what I wanted to accomplish and as the result, I am now promoting as a member of B.A.P.

What was your cure for your enduring your trainee days? The members or Chris Brown.

Who do you aspire to be like? Why? For me, it’s Chris Brown. I always listen to his music and make sure to watch all the music videos. I feel like no matter how many times I watch them, there’s something that I can always learn. I want to become as great of a performer as Chris Brown down the road.

Who is the artist that you respect? I think Chris Brown is very cool. I would like to dance with him.

If you can recommend a song to your fans, which would it be? Chris Brown – Sweet Love

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